About Us

PSL is the brain child of two enthusiastic nurses who have faced the whole process from being Internationally Educated Nurses to Registered Nurses in Canada. Their experiences motivated them to help and assist the future immigrant nurses so that the journey is a smooth sailing. This place has become the first stop for all the information and review for the nurses coming from all over the world. Based in Vancouver(Canada), they are working hard to turn thousands dream into reality.


Harpreet Dhatt Brar is the Founder and CEO of PS Learning. Harpreet’s strong foundation in Education and Nursing began from PGIMER, Chandigarh, India. She started her career as a Nurse Educator after completing her MSN in Medical-Surgical Nursing. While she was enrolled in Ph.D. Nursing Program, she decided to move to Canada in the year 2015.

As she was on her way to become a Canadian RN, she joined Canadian Red Cross and WorkSafe BC as a First Aid Instructor. Currently, she is a Registered Nurse and works as an Emergency Room Nurse.

Her leadership and mentoring qualities lead her to dedicate herself to IENs through various platforms. Not only this, Harpreet also runs a YouTube Channel which inspires and encourages the aspiring IENs to pursue their dreams with the most refined information.

In her free time, she loves to read non-fiction leadership books.

Sukh Brar is the Co-founder and Director at Perfect Steps Learning. Sukh completed his BSN followed by MSN in Psychiatric Nursing from India. After teaching and working as a Registered Nurse, Sukh decided to explore a new life and career opportunities in Canada and moved to Vancouver in 2015.

After completing his process of transition, he earned his license as a Registered Nurse and is currently working in Acute Care Medicine and Long-term care homes. Apart from this, he also teaches for PS Learning as a Master Instructor for our NCLEX-RN and CPNRE Review Programs.

In addition to Nursing Education, Sukh is also a Human Rights Graduate from Indian Institute of Human Rights and an Immigration Counsellor trained from University of British Columbia (UBC) who has helped numerous people so far with his knowledge and compassionate nature. He strives for progress and perfection both.

Our Story 01

Our Story

Our PSL story began in July 2015, when we landed as new immigrants in the beautiful city of Vancouver in Canada. Leaving our families and friends behind was painful but eyes were filled with dreams instead of tears. Our vision was to do something big, but first thing was to sort the living situation. As we both went ahead in the process of transitioning our Nursing Education to become Canadian Registered Nurses, we realised the complexities of the whole system.Our interaction with people on Radio and TV Shows were an eye-opener for Internationally Educated Nurses who were being mislead during their process. So was born The Perfect Steps Learning which was created by the IENs for the IENs. We decided to create a platform for the Internationally Educated Nurses where they can get every piece of authentic information, guidance, counselling and review services. We know what the IENs face because we have faced it ourselves.

Our Values 02

Our Values

Our core values include:

  • Students First: We work for our students and ensure that they can work as efficient Nurses in Canada.
  • Life-time Learning: There is no end to knowledge.
  • Consistency: Don’t stop pushing. Nothing worth comes easy.
  • Integrity: We share the information regarding our successes and failures with honesty and transparency as it makes us stronger.
  • Commitment: Our relations with our students go beyond just reviews and tutoring. The commitment is forever.

Our Service Categories

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

Guidance and Counselling

Our experts can solve all your queries related to our services and registration process. We also counsel for non-nursing healthcare professions.

Test Preparation NCLEX/CPNRE

Our review content is designed keeping in mind the needs of International students and is comprehensive yet simple to understand.

Language proficiency exam preparation

Our IELTS and CELBAN classes prepare you to meet your English requirements as a part of nursing registration process.

Competency Assessment Exam Preparation

Our OSCE/NCAS/CCA/SEC class prepares you for both written as well as practicum exams.

NNAS Application

We assist you to initiate your process of registration by filing your application.

All over Canada

Our classes cater the needs of distant students across the globe.

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